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Japanese director Takashi Miike has populated his hyperkinetic movies with many unnerving set pieces, but few Miike-manned moments are as disturbing as Andromedia's centerpiece, in which four young men emerge from an exploding car...only to break into a choreographed song-and-dance routine à la the Backstreet Boys. Designed as a vehicle for J-pop bands Speed and Da Pump, the film has a workmanlike innocuousness that seems conspicuously different from anything the director has done before or since. As the film's techno intrigue quickly degenerates into cyberhooey, it's hard to imagine anyone but completists getting their pulses pounding over this tangential detour.

By: DF


Release details

110 mins

Cast and crew

Takashi Miike
Hiroko Shimabukuro
Kenji Harada
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