Time Out says

Producer Sandy Howard appears to have stumbled on an insatiable American appetite for stories of sweet young girls who trade their sneakers for stiletto heels at sundown and cruise the street for clients. This is his second movie on the subject in a year, and has made even more money than its predecessor Vice Squad. But in the true tradition of such exploitation, the posters are a thousand times more suggestive than anything in the films. Much of it is played for comedy of an innocuous if tedious kind, and it's left to the psycho dredged up from Taxi Driver to provide the more repulsive moments.

By: DP


Release details

93 mins

Cast and crew

Robert Vincent O'Neil
Robert Vincent O'Neil, Joseph M Cala
Cliff Gorman
Donna Wilkes
Susan Tyrrell
Dick Shawn
Rory Calhoun
John Diehl
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