Angel Eyes

Film, Thrillers

Time Out says

A multiple auto pile-up: thanks to the quick thinking of Chicago cop Sharon Pogue ('We need more ambulances here!') and much earnest hand-holding ('Look at me! Don't stop looking at me!'), a life is saved. Skip forward a year, and the fine-looking but haunted Catch (Caviezel) wanders the streets, unshaven and misunderstood, until he glimpses Pogue (Lopez). He's drawn to her and, in time, returns the favour by saving her from a crazed gangster. Their romance is excruciatingly drawn out over the second half of the film. Though both Sharon and Catch have 'issues', there's nothing that can't be resolved, it seems, by a meaningful look or a passionate embrace. La Lopez is fairly convincing as a tough cookie by day and a lonesome soft-centre by night, but despite their best efforts, neither she nor Caviezel can fight free of the turgid script.


Release details

103 mins

Cast and crew

Luis Mandoki
Gerald DiPego
Jennifer Lopez
James Caviezel
Sonia Braga
Terrence Howard
Jeremy Sisto
Victor Argo
Monet Mazur
Shirley Knight
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