Anger Management

Film, Comedy

Time Out says

Sandler's mild-mannered businessman Dave Buznik is a dangerously implosive type desperately in need of assertiveness training. The prescription of unorthodox clinical psychiatrist Dr Buddy Rydell (Nicholson) is radical, round the clock, one-on-one therapy. Not only does he move in with his patient, he puts the moves on his girl. No, it doesn't make much sense, and yes, it's irredeemably phallocentric - but that is, perhaps, its saving grace. Sandler taps into the hysterical panic buried beneath the neutering constraints of political correctness, the suppressions and anxieties of the new man, the prevailing strictures of therapy culture. In the funniest, edgiest scene (also virtually the first), he's 'air raged' by two flight attendants, one black, one female, synching the ultimate passive-aggressive mantra: 'Our country's going through a real hard time right now.' And it's significant that director Segal (Nutty Professor 2, Naked Gun 33∆) reserves the place of honour in an illustrious line of cameos for New York's former mayor, Rudolph Giuliani. But still, there's nowhere meaningful left to go after Dave has proved himself a real man by beating up a Buddhist monk. Loved the clothes line for fat cats, though.


Release details

105 mins

Cast and crew

Peter Segal
David Dorfman
Jack Nicholson
Adam Sandler
Marisa Tomei
Luis Guzmán
Allen Covert
Lynne Thigpen
Kurt Fuller
Jonathan Loughran
Krista Allen
January Jones
Woody Harrelson
John Turturro
Harry Dean Stanton
Heather Graham
John C Reilly
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