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Angus is a fat kid. As we know, fat kids have it rough: there's always some school-favourite out there, looking to further his own vainglory at your expense; some golden Rick Sanford (Van Der Beek), goading you, spreading scurrilities, running your over-sized underwear up the flagpole. Angus (Talbert) has it so bad he's applying to move school, but there's a more pressing problem when Rick rigs the election for the Winter Ball King and Queen, sending the unballetic Angus out to an embarrassingly public dance with the one and only Melissa Lefevre (Richards). Basic, yes, but for a teen message movie, this is surprisingly fun, and so sweetly good-natured it feels churlish to sneer. Partly that's because the film adopts such an unassuming profile: there's little preachiness or sentimentalism. If you're a tubby adolescent with girl trouble or a self-esteem problem, and in need of some sensible and reassuring escapism, this may be the one for you.


Release details

90 mins

Cast and crew

Patrick Read Johnson
Jill Gordon
Charlie Talbert
George C Scott
Kathy Bates
Christopher Owen
James Van Der Beek
Rita Moreno
Ariana Richards
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