Another 48 HRS

Film, Thrillers

Time Out says

The key words here are lazy and contrived. In this pointless sequel to 48 HRS, we get a tired replay of the classic redneck bar scene, and a desperate attempt to revive the antagonism (minus its crucial racial element) between San Francisco cop Nolte and fast-talking ex-con Murphy. The plot contortions necessary to achieve this are absurd: Nolte faces a manslaughter charge, while the resentful Murphy is about to be released after seven years in the slammer. Only when a pair of vicious bikers blow up his car does Murphy agree to team up with the gruff cop again. The sole innovation is Nolte's obsession with the mysterious Iceman, a criminal kingpin he alone believes exists. Hill's action scenes are par for the course, with plenty of shotgun slayings, vehicle chases and bodies crashing through windows. There is a certain residual pleasure, too, in Hill's atavistic efforts to introduce Western elements into an urban crime thriller, with one of the gun-toting bikers, Willie Hickok (geddit?), saying 'We're the only real outlaws left'.

By: NF


Release details

96 mins

Cast and crew

Walter Hill
John Fasano, Jeb Stuart, Larry Gross
Eddie Murphy
Nick Nolte
Brion James
Kevin Tighe
Ed O'Ross
David Anthony Marshall
Andrew Divoff
Bernie Casey
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