Another Girl, Another Planet


Time Out says

Writer/director Almereyda shot his near-feature on a Fisher-Price PXL 2000 camera, a discontinued 'toy' that's been taken up by several American indie film-makers and artists for its unique visual qualities and marginal costs. The ghostly monochrome works best on an intimate scale, giving this East Village, New York, chamber drama a dreamy intensity, as its boho participants float through a late-night haze of romantic pessimism. Nic (Ratner) is married, Bill (Sherman) determinedly single; they live on different floors in the same block, pursuing the mysteries of love, sex and the sway of feminine caprice. Evocative score. Leaves an impression.


Release details

56 mins

Cast and crew

Michael Almereyda
Michael Almereyda
Nic Ratner
Elina Löwensohn
Barry Sherman
Mary Ward
Lisa Perisot
Isabel Gillies
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