Antony and Cleopatra


Time Out says

Shakespeare's play directed with hopeless stodginess, contriving to damp down all the fires (romantic, poetic, histrionic) to a sort of shabby naturalism, and very nearly irretrievably sunk by Hildegard Neil's petulant Cleopatra, a suburban schoolmarm having a fling on the Nile. On the credit side, the verse is very capably and clearly spoken; Heston gives an intelligently sotto voce reading of Antony as an old lion moth-eaten at the edges but still with a few roars left in him; and there are excellent performances from Porter (Enobarbus) and Castle (Octavius).


Release details

160 mins

Cast and crew

Charlton Heston
Charlton Heston
Hildegard Neil
Eric Porter
John Castle
Fernando Rey
Freddie Jones
Juan Luis Galiardo
Carmen Sevilla
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