Are We There Yet?


Time Out says

No, we’re not. We’re here, watching Ice Cube in full-on family entertainment mode as he plays Nick, a smooth bachelor who has amorous designs on sexy divorcée Suzanne (Nia Long), a local woman who he spies one day through the window of the distinctly macho sports goods emporium that he runs (successfully, we assume, considering the jewellery around his neck and the shiny SUV parked outside) in a quiet, affluent corner of suburban America. Unfortunately for him, Nick’s devotion to Suzanne is tested when she suggests he drives her two pre-teen kids to Vancouver, where she is stuck on business. Of course the silly man nods like a puppy, so initiating a tiresome road trip with little Lindsey (Aleisha Allen) and Kevin (Philip Bolden), who are (quite rightly) suspicious of this stranger’s motives. Their real dad is currently neglecting them for a new woman; it’s up to Nick to prove to these kids and their mum that not all men are bad.The rest is all about mining comedy from the road: crashes, delays, creepy strangers, exploding cars… Brain food it ain’t.

By: DC


Release details

Release date:
Thursday February 17 2005
104 mins

Cast and crew

Brian Levant
Steven Gary Banks, Claudia Grazioso, J David Stem, David Weiss
Ice Cube
Nia Long
Aleisha Allen
Philip Bolden
Jay Mohr
Tracy Morgan
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