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Time Out says

For a few months in the summer of '53, it seemed that the three-dimensional process might prevail. But those specs - the logistics of supplying them, the discomfort of wearing them - proved the death of 3-D, beaching such flattened-out relics as this, recognisable by the arrangement of planes within a shot, the slight muzziness, and by sudden movements towards the camera (e.g. a brawler's boot). It's a rodeo movie, documentary-like, approximating real time, with the usual baffled critters bearing those three rodeo stereotypes, the has-been (Morgan), the cocky upstart (Horton) and the weary veteran (Young).


Release details

83 mins

Cast and crew

Richard Fleischer
Harold Jack Bloom, Arthur M Loew
Gig Young
Polly Bergen
Henry Morgan
Barbara Lawrence
Jean Hagen
Robert Horton
Lee Van Cleef
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