Film, Comedy

Time Out says

A thoroughly inept black comedy/horror send-up about a wealthy man who arranges for his mistress to go through a wedding ceremony with his corpse after his death. Arnold's will also entangles a number of other members of the family, who make supposedly gruesome exits via acid-laced cleansing cream, a shrinking suit, etc. The plot itself isn't so bad; it's the relentlessly chirpy American humour trowelled over everything, the impossible ballad, and the way the performers pause in delivery as if waiting for laughter, that really makes Arnold unbearable.


Release details

95 mins

Cast and crew

Georg Fenady
Jameson Brewer, John Fenton Murray
Stella Stevens
Roddy McDowall
Elsa Lanchester
Shani Wallis
Farley Granger
Victor Buono