As You Like It


Time Out says

Those imposing credits languish in the shadow of the one that really matters, that of the leaden, lacklustre Czinner. But even he can't entirely compromise the sweep of Walton's score or the energy of the young Olivier, in full Burt Lancaster mode as he bustles around the brambly maze of Meerson's Arden. However, showcasing the kittenish Bergner is top of the agenda here; and if her Ganymede is actually more feminine than her Rosalind, this is less likely to be about gender politics than about a director absolutely smitten with his leading lady.

By: BBa


Release details

96 mins

Cast and crew

Paul Czinner
Robert J Cullen, JM Barrie
Elisabeth Bergner
Laurence Olivier
Sophie Stewart
Leon Quartermaine
Felix Aylmer
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