Assisted Living


Time Out says

What little plot there is here concerns Todd (Bonsignore), a pot-smoking, chronically tardy orderly at a Kentucky nursing home, who befriends an Alzheimer's patient (Reilly) who mistakes him for her son. It's a simple-enough premise, but the story has trouble gathering much momentum, because it's often interrupted by numbing stretches of vérité-like footage showing (presumably) real nursing-home residents looking pathetic. Still, as a mood piece and a means of letting the viewer feel what it's like to be locked up inside one of these facilities, the film works wonderfully.

By: RT


Release details

77 mins

Cast and crew

Elliot Greenebaum
Michael Bonsignore
Maggie Reilly
Clint Vaught
Gail Benedict
Jose Albovias
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