At the Earth's Core

Film, Fantasy

Time Out says

While 1974's The Land That Time Forgot discovered prehistory alive at the North Pole, here Messrs Cushing and McClure run astray while testing their mechanical mole and discover the lost world of Pellucidar at the end of the journey to the centre of the earth outlined in Edgar Rice Burroughs' source novel. Scantily clad Ms Munro, vengeful telepathic pterodactyls and cut-price explosions comprise a familiar mix, but it's daft enough to enjoy if you're in a schoolboy mood. The winged dinosaurs seem specially conceived so they can be played by blokes in suits, inspiring the sort of glee now lost forever to these days of tediously flash CGI effects.

By: TJ


Release details

90 mins

Cast and crew

Kevin Connor
Milton Subotsky
Doug McClure
Peter Cushing
Caroline Munro
Cy Grant
Godfrey James
Keith Barron
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