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Time Out says

Besson's fascination with the sea continues in this wordless presentation of underwater phenomena. The point is clear: forget the Atlantis myth, there's a thriving society down there right now. Crowds of fish bustle along during some sub-marine rush hour, a pack of dolphins gossip excitedly, a couple of giant turtles gingerly make love, a diversity of glamorous and/or grotesque creatures weaves sinuously through oceanic canyons and forests. Until the very last shot, Besson's cameras stay beneath the surface, disclosing a world of topsy-turvy reflections, angry water seen from below, images that are often as abstract as a McLaren animation. Eric Serra's score, a mix of symphonic and synthetic, is discreetly complementary. There's no ecology, no biology, nothing didactic at all - simply a film-maker with a subject that enchants him. It certainly won't hurt the sale of aqualungs.

By: BBa


Release details

75 mins

Cast and crew

Luc Besson
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