Autumn in New York


Time Out says

Will Keane (Gere) is a forty-something restaurateur with an insatiable sexual appetite. One day, he spots doe-eyed hat designer Charlotte (Ryder) in his eatery, celebrating her birthday with friends. Within seconds, woof! - the old fox is after her, never mind the age difference or that in his youth he once dated her late mother. Frantic to get his leg over, he orders one of her hats, apparently fashioned from coathangers and toilet paper. When she delivers it to his loft, guess what? He'd bought it for her. To wear to a 'charity gala'! The ruse works. But as Will makes his customary morning after kiss-off speech, Charlotte drops a bombshell: she has a rare heart condition, and may have only months to live. This entirely unaffecting May-December romance is Love Story transposed to a Manhattan-of-the-mind.

By: JO'C


Release details

106 mins

Cast and crew

Joan Chen
Allison Burnett
Richard Gere
Winona Ryder
Anthony LaPaglia
Elaine Stritch
Vera Farmiga
Sherry Stringfield
Jill Hennessy
JK Simmons
Sam Trammell
Mary Beth Hurt
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