B. Monkey

Film, Thrillers

Time Out says

Strait-laced teacher Alan (Harris) moonlights as a hospital DJ playing Django Reinhardt and confiding in his captive audience (they'd run a mile if only they could). He chats up Beatrice (Argento) after spotting her in a bar. Romance blossoms between geek and goddess, yet 'B Monkey' - as Beatrice is known on the street - is an armed robber. She wants to quit, but the underworld won't let go, and B doesn't help by shooting a racketeer creditor of her best friend Paul (Everett). In a last-ditch break with the past, Alan and B flee to Yorkshire, but London is never far away. Despite the implausible romance and a lack of gritty authenticity - both in the Dales and in the Smoke - there's much to enjoy, from Everett's morose dandy to Pringle's bisexual headteacher. Excellent cameos from Higgins as a jealous teaching colleague and Wallace as an abusive parent. Rhys Meyers shoots a lowering glare as Paul's ex-lover, while Argento's performance is an electrifiying mix of kittenish vulnerability and tattooed carnality.


Release details

90 mins

Cast and crew

Michael Radford
Michael Radford, Chloe King, Michael Thomas
Asia Argento
Jared Harris
Rupert Everett
Jonathan Rhys Meyers
Julie T Wallace
Ian Hart
Tim Woodward
Bryan Pringle
Clare Higgins
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