Baby's Day Out

Film, Comedy

Time Out says

Say what you like about Home Alone creator John Hughes, he knows how to pen a formula picture. Though heir to a fortune, Baby Bink has never had his picture in the paper, a situation his mother (Boyle) intends to rectify. But the photographers are three bungling kidnappers (led by Mantegna), who make off with the sprog and demand a tidy ransom. The baby soon escapes, proceeding to duplicate the trip round the big city described in his favourite book, as he takes in a department store, a zoo, and finally a building site. The abductors, meanwhile, suffer humiliation as they attempt to recapture him. Cartoon crude, but quite lively.


Release details

98 mins

Cast and crew

Patrick Read Johnson
John Hughes
Joe Mantegna
Lara Flynn Boyle
Joe Pantoliano
Brian Haley
John Neville
Eddie Bracken
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