Bachelor Mother

Film, Comedy

Time Out says

Rogers is superb as the brassy lady from the Bronx in this comedy of mistaken identity and parenthood, in which a young shopgirl is forced by her employers (Coburn as the department store owner, Niven as his urbanely flustered, eligible son) into becoming foster-mother to an abandoned child. It's a hilarious, snappy, loose-jointed comedy in the best Hollywood tradition, but the script and direction by Kanin have an intelligence and sense of irony which raise provocative question after provocative question - about the role of women as workers, mothers, and mistresses; about male hypocrisy. A salutary reminder that Sirk wasn't the only 'subversive' to burrow his way into the woodwork of tinsel city.


Release details

62 mins

Cast and crew

Garson Kanin
Norman Krasna
Ginger Rogers
David Niven
Charles Coburn
Frank Albertson
Ernest Truex
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