Bad Boys II


Time Out says

This cop comedy-thriller follow-up is Bruckheimer and Bay's brash ode to excess. The violence, blood, car chases and destruction are unmediated. Even the running time is excessive. Way over the top, the film is morally off-kilter, designed for laddish lunkheads with a thirst for the lowest common denominator. Despite its gross indulgence, however, including one cruel, vaguely homophobic scene, this epic caper features at least one imaginatively choreographed car chase and, as you might expect from Bay, some spectacular effects sequences. Smith and Lawrence make a sassy enough duo, even if they are just retreads of the Lethal Weapon pairing. For the record, Smith's the bad-ass narcotics officer with an itchy finger; Lawrence his calm, level-headed partner. Together they crack open another drugs ring while leaving a trail of devastation in their wake.


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