Ballad in Blue


Time Out says

'You're always trying to get me discovered - as if I were some new Italian restaurant': Tom Bell's composer/nightclub pianist gets the one good line in this combination of concert movie and sentimental B picture. Charles doesn't play himself off-stage too convincingly, and a cloying story of how he helps a little blind boy into the arms of a Paris specialist ('Is there a chance, doctor?' etc) doesn't help. Admirers of the man's music - about thirty percent of the movie is concert footage - will find the in-between tedium tolerable, although director Henreid could hardly get a gig with Top of the Pops on the evidence here.


Release details

88 mins

Cast and crew

Paul Henreid
Burton Wohl
Ray Charles
Mary Peach
Tom Bell
Dawn Addams
Piers Bishop
Betty McDowall
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