Ballad in Blue


Time Out says

'You're always trying to get me discovered - as if I were some new Italian restaurant': Tom Bell's composer/nightclub pianist gets the one good line in this combination of concert movie and sentimental B picture. Charles doesn't play himself off-stage too convincingly, and a cloying story of how he helps a little blind boy into the arms of a Paris specialist ('Is there a chance, doctor?' etc) doesn't help. Admirers of the man's music - about thirty percent of the movie is concert footage - will find the in-between tedium tolerable, although director Henreid could hardly get a gig with Top of the Pops on the evidence here.

By: GD


Release details

88 mins

Cast and crew

Paul Henreid
Burton Wohl
Ray Charles
Mary Peach
Tom Bell
Dawn Addams
Piers Bishop
Betty McDowall
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