Bantsuma: The Life and Times of Tsumasaburo Bando

Film, Documentaries

Time Out says

A splendid cine-history documentary about the career of the great movie actor Bando Tsumasaburo (the contraction 'Bantsuma' was his popular nickname). He started out in the 1920s as a faintly radical samurai star, turned into a gung-ho action hero in the '30s, and brought his time to an end in the '50s with mellower roles. The interest of this compilation is that the clips from the silent movies are shown complete with music and benshi commentary, as they were seen at the time. The narration is written by Japan's foremost critic, Tadao Sato, who also conducted the interviews with Bantsuma's colleagues and relatives.

By: TR


Release details

91 mins

Cast and crew

Shunsui Matsuda
Tadao Sato
Tsumasaburo Bando
Takahiro Tamura
Shizuko Mori
Daisuke Ito
Shunsui Matsuda
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