Baober in Love


Time Out says

Thrown out of his swanky Beijing apartment by his wife, unfulfilled wage-slave Liu (magnetic newcomer Huang) sets up home with the wild and crazy Baober (Zhou in her best role since Suzhou River). They enjoy a period of psychedelic rapture (the entire film is digitally retouched, a first for China), but he carelessly drives her away and finds himself bereft and helpless. She, meanwhile, takes up with a physically handicapped sportsman. Liu's frantic search for her uncovers some uncomfortable truths about her past and his sexism. A Chinese Betty Blue (but without the misogynistic pay-off), it's funny, sexy and sad in equal measures - and the mix of oneiric fantasy and social realism is fresh and winning. None of Li's films looks or sounds much like any of the others, but this ground-breaker establishes her as the only 'fifth generation' director to keep pace with changing times.


Release details

100 mins

Cast and crew

Li Shaohong
Zheng Zhong, Wang Yao
Zhou Xun
Huang Jue
Chen Kun
Wang Peiyi
Liao Fan
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