Basic Instinct

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Basic Instinct
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Time Out says

Nick Curran (Douglas) is a cop on the edge. Investigated for an over-zealous approach to his work, saddled with a drink and relationships problem, he becomes slowly embroiled with the case, then with the suspect, when a former rock star is found murdered at the climax of some bondage-style sex. Catherine Tramell (Stone), an ultra-clever, ultra-rich author and bisexual free spirit, is at the core of all the basic instinct paraded in the film. One scene in which she teases and bosses a roomful of hard law enforcement men is probably the best illustration of post-feminism in action that Hollywood has offered. Yet the film's depiction of not one but several bisexual women with murky, murderous pasts has angered activists, and does illustrate that sensitivity is not always the strong suit of Verhoeven or scriptwriter

Joe Eszterhas

. But if you like things unrestrained, hard, adult and off-the-rails, then Douglas and Stone are superb, and

George Dzundza

(as sidekick Gus) delivers another classic hard-boiled cameo.

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Release details

127 mins

Cast and crew

Paul Verhoeven
Joe Eszterhas
Michael Douglas
Sharon Stone
George Dzundza
Jeanne Tripplehorn
Denis Arndt
Dorothy Malone
Wayne Knight
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