Film, Fantasy

Time Out says

This spin-off from the camp '60s TV series is bolstered with all the major baddies: The Penguin (Meredith), Joker (Romero), Riddler (Gorshin) and Catwoman (Meriwether). With a flip script by Lorenzo Semple Jr, it has a few inspired slapstick sequences (West trying desperately to dispose of a bomb without blowing up nuns, children or animals), but the emphatic senselessness gradually becomes tiresome. More surprisingly, the production work is by and large excellent. Nelson Riddle's musical cues are fun, and the design still looks sleek today - I'd choose Adam West's Batmobile over Michael Keaton's any day.

By: TCh


Release details

105 mins

Cast and crew

Leslie Martinson
Lorenzo Semple Jr
Cesar Romero
Lee Meriwether
Burt Ward
Neil Hamilton
Burgess Meredith
Adam West
Frank Gorshin
Alan Napier
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