Bear Cub


Time Out says

A sexually enterprising gay dentist, Pedro (García Pérez), finds his lifestyle cramped somewhat by the arrival of his new ward, nephew Bernardo (Castillo), in this clear-eyed, serious comedy set in Madrid. ‘Bear Cub’ is rare simply for its honest acknowledgment of the clashing, even contradictory responsibilities that most people, gay or straight, have to juggle every day; Pedro’s are compounded when Bernardo’s grandmother (Ferrer) instigates a custody tug-of-war. Refreshingly, there’s little lesson-learning afoot – becoming a surrogate parent doesn’t neuter Pedro’s sexual appetites or sentimentalise his approach to life. Albaladejo is a superb director of actors, and the developing bond between Pedro and Bernardo is vivid and tender.


Release details

100 mins

Cast and crew

Miguel Albaladejo
Miguel Albaladejo, Salvador García
José Luis García-Pérez
David Castillo
Empar Ferrer
Elvira Lindo
Arno Chevrier
Mario Arias
Josele Román
Diana Cerezo
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