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1 out of 5 stars
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Time Out says

1 out of 5 stars
As the beast of ‘Beastly’, Alex Pettyfer sports a hairless head, a couple of scars and thick lesions that snake down his face like tattoos. He’s fashionably blemished. Aiming to do for shut-in monsters what ‘Twilight’ has for bloodsuckers, this teenage, NYC riff on ‘Beauty and the Beast’ casts Pettyfer as a pretty boy who incurs the wrath of a scorned classmate (Mary-Kate Olsen). Cursed with disfigurement, he’s got a year to convince someone to see past the mask to the heartthrob underneath. Otherwise, the acne is there to stay.

‘Beastly’ is a special brand of hogwash: a fairy tale that preaches inner beauty while refusing to obscure the looks of its doomed hero. Once he’s had a sulk, Pettyfer sets his sights on Vanessa Hudgens, a hottie so pure she can see the depths of his alter ego. ‘I’ve seen worse,’ says Hudgens, catching a glimpse of that face. It’s hard to say the same about ‘Beastly’.

By: AA Dowd, Time Out Chicago



Release details

Release date:
Friday April 22 2011
86 mins

Cast and crew

Daniel Barnz
Dakota Johnson
Peter Krause
Mary-Kate Olsen
Erik Knudsen
Alex Pettyfer
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