Beautiful Mystery – Legend of Big Horn


Time Out says

Scripted by Rokuro Mochizuki, Nakamura's film dramatises the gay bar legends about Yukio Mishima and his private army. Aspiring muscle queen Shinohara is recruited into the 'militia' run by famous writer/demagogue Mitani and whisked off to boot camp, where his roommate buggers him at the first opportunity. He soon overcomes his prim objections and relaxes into the gruelling regimen of gay orgies - only to oversleep and and miss his leader's attempted coup d'état. This ribald, highly entertaining film was Japan's first gay exploitation feature. Amazing that it was made at a time when discussion of Mishima's sexuality was a virtual taboo in Japan.

By: TR


Release details

61 mins

Cast and crew

Genji Nakamura
Rokuro Mochizuki
Nagamoto Tatuya
Shiyuto Kei
Yamashina Kaoru
Osugi Ren
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