Beautiful People


Time Out says

Written and directed by a Bosnian, this boisterous black comedy, about the encounters of assorted Londoners with various Bosnian exiles, is quite unlike any other British film. It's a Short Cuts-style jigsaw of interlocking characters, and in the early scenes it's easy to become a little irritated by some of the broad stereotypes and the rather insistent narrative ingenuity. Then, after a paralytically hungover British football hooligan finds himself dropped into wartorn Bosnia on an aid pallet, each narrative strand suddenly takes an exhilarating turn, and the overall absurdity pays dividends. With its echoes of early Forman and Kusturica, this suggests Dizdar is a talent to watch.

By: GA


Release details

107 mins

Cast and crew

Jasmin Dizdar
Jasmin Dizdar
Edin Dzandzanovic
Charlotte Coleman
Nicholas Farrell
Danny Nussbaum
Gilbert Martin
Siobhan Redmond
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