Bed of Roses


Time Out says

Lisa (Masterson), an industrious New York investment banker, learns in quick succession of the deaths of her father Stanley and goldfish Melville. Next day she receives a lavish bouquet via deliveryman Lewis (Slater). Despite her best efforts, the sender's identity remains a mystery, until she wakes up one night to see Lewis staring longingly at her apartment window. It's a modestly engaging set-up, but once love has blossomed, what's to keep our attention? There's a well-signposted consideration of the discrepancies betwixt fantasy and reality, more talked about than enacted. As for the basic story-line, the characters are too anodyne to keep us involved in their repetitive cycle of break-ups and reconciliations; Slater especially, in the more passive role, is almost terminally nice. Humdrum.

By: NB


Release details

87 mins

Cast and crew

Michael Goldenberg
Michael Goldenberg
Pamela Segall
Ally Walker
Christian Slater
Debra Monk
Josh Brolin
Mary Stuart Masterson
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