Begging the Ring


Time Out says

Typical attempt at social realism by the independent team of Gregg and writer Hugh Stoddart. An investigation of a family's dilemma when the 18-year-old son, trained by his ambitious father for the local wrestling championships, receives his call-up papers for WWI, its failure derives not only from the limitations of the realist, semi-documentary style (Gregg fails to tease out the knotty problems of enforced conscription clearly); but also from the difficulty of following some of the Cornish dialect; and, most noticeably, from the awkward insertion of an intellectual-outsider, commenting chorus-fashion with lines like 'We're all wrestling with the angel of darkness, lad'.


Release details

55 mins

Cast and crew

Colin Gregg
Colin Gregg, Hugh Stoddart
Danny Simpson
Jon Croft
Janette Legge
Kenneth Midwood
Terence Conoley
Alan Penn