Beijing Bastards


Time Out says

This is a film without precedent in Chinese cinema: a seemingly free-form portrait of rock-generation kids in the city, its own quest for a structure mirroring their search 'for something to help them live'. One broken relationship provides the overall frame (a young guy named Karzi searches for the pregnant girlfriend who has left him), but half a dozen other characters also clamour for the film's attention, chief among them Cui Jian, China's rock pioneer, who plays himself and contributes several songs. Zhang Yuan has an acute feel for street-level realities, and gets very close to these kids blowing their lives on drink, dope and petty squabbles. Not exactly a blank generation, but they sure do look lost.

By: TR


Release details

95 mins

Cast and crew

Zhang Yuan
Zhang Yuan, Tang Dalian, Cui Jian
Cui Jian
Li Wei
Wu Lala
Tang Dalian
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