Film, Action and adventure

Time Out says

A risibly dud script never gives Brahm's stylish direction or Joseph Biroc's fine camerawork a chance to make anything of this adventure set in postwar Bengazi. Conte and McLaglen, unscrupulous co-owners of a seedy café (shades of Casablanca), set out for a desert oasis to hijack a cache of gold, only to find themselves surrounded by hostile Bedouins (shades of The Lost Patrol). Also trapped are a pursuing police chief (Carlson) and McLaglen's anxious daughter (Powers), a colleen fresh from the Dublin convent: cue for both bad boys to outdo each other in heroic self-sacrifice. Conte is excellent, but McLaglen as usual overdoes his loveable Irish rogue bit, while Carlson ('I'm thinkin' of the wee village in Scotland where I was born') offers one of the screen's most excruciating accents.


Release details

78 mins

Cast and crew

John Brahm
Endre Bohem, Louis Vittes
Richard Conte
Victor McLaglen
Richard Carlson
Mala Powers
Richard Erdman
Hillary Brooke
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