Beowulf & Grendel

CODE ORANGE Skarsgrd's hair may terrorize you.
CODE ORANGE Skarsgrd’s hair may terrorize you.

Time Out says

Bold and ridiculous, this Icelandic-Canadian production modernizes Beowulf for the Peter Jackson set, transporting viewers to a magical land of Rembrandt beer halls and bearded children. Call it Sympathy for Mr. Grendel: This reinterpretation humanizes Beowulf’s monstrous nemesis (Ingvar Sigurdsson), who, despite his penchant for over-the-skull rock smacking, is now a gentleman—the rare creature, claims witch-whore Selma (Polley), courteous enough to rape her only once. “Oh, Beowulf, it’s a fucking troll!” shouts King Hrothgar (Skarsgrd), the minute our hero (Butler) expresses doubts about his quest. Plus vernacular and minus caesuras, Beowulf definitely goes down more smoothly, though as entertainment B&G sometimes feels like a mud slog through Geatland. (Opens Fri; Quad.) — Ben Kenigsberg



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