Berlin Is in Germany


Time Out says

This liberal, semi-metaphorical tale of the difficulties of adjustment and change for East Germans in the new united Germany sees ex-soldier Martin (Schüttauf) leaving Brandenburg gaol ten years after the fall of the Wall having been incarcerated for murdering the apartment official who had discovered his plans for escape to the West. It crosses familiar territory as it follows Martin's efforts to reaquaint himself with his 11-year-old son, ex-wife and old prison chums, cope with innovations (train ticket machines, Gameboys) and a panoply of worklessness, homelessness and complex social security provisions. Notable, however, is writer/director Stöhr's light touch, patience and restraint and the the strength of the main performances, especially that of Schüttauf as the sympathetic Pushkin-reading ex-con.

By: WH


Release details

93 mins

Cast and crew

Hannes Stöhr
Hannes Stöhr
Jörg Schüttauf
Edita Malovcic
Tom Jahn
Robert Loehr
Valentin Platareanu
Oscar Martínez
Carmen-Maja Antoni
Robin Becker
Dirk Borchardt
Udo Kroschwald
Julia Jäger
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