Film, Drama

Time Out says

Betty (Dalle) is in her boyfriend Zorg's (Anglade) beach house, bonking his brains out first thing in the morning. They do a lot of that. Then she discovers his notebooks in which he has been scribbling his novel (he does a lot of that), promptly burns down the house and forces him to go to Paris in search of fame with her. Here they team up with another wiggy couple who run a pizza joint, and they do a lot of funny things. This mid-section provides the film's humorous and good-natured antics. From there, the couple move to the south, and finally dissolve to a sad attack of amour fou. Full of comic asides, the whole thing is all rather wonderful in the traditional Gallic way. The fullness of life, while not exactly celebrated, is certainly lived through; mostly without clothes on. CPea.

By: CPea


Release details

103 mins

Cast and crew

Claude Chabrol
Claude Chabrol
Marie Trintignant
Yves Lambrecht
Stéphane Audran
Thomas Chabrol
Jean-François Garreaud
Pierre Vernier
Christiane Minazzoli
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