Bhowani Junction


Time Out says

Cukor's abiding interest in both the predicament of women in a male-dominated society and the problems of role-playing are given their most explicitly political expression in this marvellous melodrama set in India during the last gasps of British colonialism. Focusing on an Anglo-Indian girl torn apart by her feelings for three men - an English soldier, an Indian, and another Anglo-Indian - it's one of those rare films that successfully and intelligently combine personal and political issues, in that Gardner's status as a woman without a recognised racial/national idenity dramatically embodies widely conflicting cultural and political ideas. As such, it's very much an intimate epic, drawing an unsentimental portrait of a society in transition, and a vivid, moving account of its heroine's tragic dilemma. Beautiful to look at, and perfectly acted throughout.


Release details

110 mins

Cast and crew

George Cukor
Sonya Levien, Ivan Moffat
Ava Gardner
Stewart Granger
Francis Matthews
Bill Travers
Abraham Sofaer
Marne Maitland
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