Bienvenido Mister Marshall


Time Out says

This is a comic Trojan horse and perhaps the first great Spanish film. When a commission for a folkloric musical to make Lolita Sevilla a star fell to the secretly pro-communist UNINCI production company, Bardem and Berlanga used the cash to show how all the Francoist world was a stage in a tall tale of a drab Castilian village that does itself up in Andalusian glad rags in order to attract dollars from the Marshall Plan. An amazing satire of what Spain and Spanishness was reduced to during the dictatorship, cooked up with equal parts anarchy and compassion and flavoured like an Ealing comedy.


Release details

95 mins

Cast and crew

Luis G Berlanga
LG Berlanga, Miguel Mihura, JA Bardem
Manolo Morán
Alberto Romea
Lolita Sevilla
Fernando Aguirre
Elvira Quintillá
Fernando Rey
José Isbert
Féliz Fernández
Luis Pérez de Léon
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