Big Meat Eater

Film, Comedy

Time Out says

In response to the slander that all Canadian movies look as though they're made by social workers: a sci-fi cannibal zombie musical. Bob the butcher's right-hand man has real right hands in the freezer, one of which is attached to the mayor, who returns as a walking dead ambassador for robotic aliens desperate for a rare fuel only to be found, as it happens, under the butcher shop. If you don't care for that plotline, there are three or four others defrosting simultaneously. Abdullah, indiscriminate master of the chill cabinet, is played by frame-filling blues veteran Big Miller, who also provides the musical choice cuts. The nearest Hollywood equivalent (not that one springs to mind) would have spent more on catering than the small change that this carnivore evidently consumed.


Release details

82 mins

Cast and crew

Chris Windsor
Phil Savath, Chris Windsor, Laurence Keane
Andrew Gillies
Stephen Dimopoulous
Georgina Hegedos
Ida Carnevali
George Dawson
Big Miller
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