Big Trouble

Film, Thrillers

Time Out says

Presumably directed as a favour to old buddy Falk, Cassavetes' last film is a far cry from the glories of Gloria, Husbands, Shadows and the rest. Indeed, it's absolutely unrecognisable as his work, being a conventionally glossy spoof thriller in which insurance salesman Arkin, desperate for finance to send his musical triplets through Yale, agrees to forge a double indemnity policy on Falk's life for his third wife D'Angelo. Sounds familiar? For the first third, this is a comic reshuffle of moments from Wilder and Chandler's classic Double Indemnity, but then out come the wacky surprises in a chaotically inventive mish-mash of black neurotic humour. Never hysterically funny but scattered with pleasingly OTT moments and throwaway lines, it looks as if Cassavetes merely wanted a) to prove he could make a blandly stylish commercial piece, and b) the cash.

By: GA


Release details

93 mins

Cast and crew

John Cassavetes
Warren Bogle, Andrew Bergman
Peter Falk
Alan Arkin
Beverly D'Angelo
Charles Durning
Paul Dooley
Robert Stack
Valerie Curtin
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