Biker Boyz


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Fishburne is Smoke, a mean old mo-fo who holds the fiercely contested crown 'King of Cali' - the fastest rider from all the biker gangs in Southern California. The mo he fo'd was Anita (Calloway), whose impetuous kid Kid (Luke) is hoping to follow in Smoke's tyretreads, even though he has just seen the chap he always thought was his real dad getting neatly decapped by a way cool flying motorcycle. As Smoke and Kid go head to head, it's Darth vs Luke on bikes. While this has the requisite burning rubber, roaring engines and oh-my-gosh stuntwork, it also has an emotional underbelly that appears actually to have been written into the script, rather than added in the editing room. For some, this is the very problem - too much speakin' and not enough speedin'. It might not hit the Harley on the hooter every time, but hell, at least there's an attempt to provide something deeper than a generic cheap thrill. The acting ain't bad either. And the racing is pretty cool. A cult in the making.


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