Birth of a Butterfly


Time Out says

Three stories encapsulate different aspects of traditional moral instruction. The first sees a stern father banishing his young son from the household to spare him the sight of his dying mother; the second follows the good deeds of a devout disabled boy left at home when his family visit a religious shrine; the third shows the dilemma in which a teacher finds himself when local villagers are eager to believe he possesses spiritual powers. The didactic lessons will be more obvious to Iranian audiences than to Western eyes. That said, the rugged landscapes are striking and there is a captivating reverence in the way the director films a bowl of apples, for instance, or a rippling pool.

By: TJ


Release details

110 mins

Cast and crew

Mojtaba Raei
Saeid Shapouri
Rahim Jahani
Yashar Mahmoudi
Hamed Manafizadeh
Rakhshandeh Ziraz
Mahmud Nazar Alian
Mohammad M Faqih
Zahra Farhadi
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