Bits and Pieces


Time Out says

This kaleidoscopic portrait of Rome is peppered with small, intriguing pleasures and leaves a strangely lasting impression. Whether it adds up to an essay on the mind's ability to comprehend something so vast as a city (or the world for the matter) is a moot point. The myriad separate (if slowly relating) scenes offer much droll, mysterious and uniquely Roman amusement. It's one of those idiosyncratic movies that turn up once in a while, usually by people like Otar Iosseliani or Nanni Moretti. Among the throng, Romans and film buffs will spot any number of cameos (Dario Argento, Gabriele Salvatores).

By: WH


Release details

110 mins

Cast and crew

Antonello Grimaldi
Daniele Cesarano, Paolo Marchesini
Enrico Lo Verso
Asia Argento
Dario Argento
Gabriele Salvatores
Monica Bellucci
Roberto Citran
Daniele Lucchetti
Luca Barbareschi
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