Black Sea


Time Out says

After her husband dies, a well-to-do Italian lady is forced to take on a young Romanian woman as a live-in carer. At first there is friction between the two, but soon the old lady becomes fascinated by her new companion’s culture, amazed at how little people earn in Romania and that some still travel by horse and cart. What could have been no more than an amiable odd couple yarn takes a dramatic turn when the young woman hears that her husband back in Romania has disappeared.

The old lady agrees to pay for her trip home as long as she can come along too, so both women travel across the Black Sea not knowing what awaits them. Chemistry between the two leads brings warmth and intimacy to a scenario that offers a fresh perspective on the experience of eastern European immigrants in the West.

By: Sarah Cohen



Release details

95 mins

Cast and crew

Federico Bondi
Federico Bondi, Ugo Chiti
Ilaria Occhini
Dorotheea Petre
Maïa Morgenstern
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