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Blame It on the Bellboy


Time Out says

Confusion over a name by a bellboy (Pinchot) in a Venetian hotel leads to lots of Benny Hill-style sexual innuendo, torture of the wrong man by the Mafia, and a hitman unable to work out who he's to hit. Meek Melvyn (Moore) is visiting Venice to buy a property for his boss, but falls into the hands of villainous Scarpa (Katsulas). Estate agent Caroline (Kensit) is mistaken for a sure bonk by porky Maurice (Griffiths), whose wife (Steadman) turns up unexpectedly. Only Bryan Brown (the hitman) and Penelope Wilton (the girl Maurice expected to meet) manage to do anything with their roles, even though she's cast as a Mickey Spillane fan. Mark Herman wrote as well as directed this leaden farce.

Release Details

  • Duration:78 mins

Cast and crew

  • Director:Mark Herman
  • Screenwriter:Mark Herman
  • Cast:
    • Dudley Moore
    • Bryan Brown
    • Richard Griffiths
    • Andreas Katsulas
    • Patsy Kensit
    • Alison Steadman
    • Penelope Wilto
    • Bronson Pinchot
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