Blazing Saddles

Film, Comedy
Blazing Saddles

Time Out says

'Oh Lord', says the preacher in a suitably grave voice, 'do we have the strength to carry out this task in one night, or are we just jerking off?' Maybe Mel Brooks should have asked himself that question about this movie. The screenplay is credited to five writers, and it shows in the confused melange of styles. There are some lovely touches, and a score of lines like the preacher's which start pompous and end crude; or the contrast between picture - archetypal white-haired old lady - and words - 'Up yours, Nigger!' But if part is delightful, a larger part proves that there is more corn in Hollywood than Oklahoma, and a lot is just Hollywood jerking off.

By: PB


Release details

93 mins

Cast and crew

Mel Brooks
Richard Pryor, Andrew Bergman, Alan Uger, Mel Brooks, Norman Steinberg
David Huddleston
Harvey Korman
Gene Wilder
Cleavon Little
Madeline Kahn
Mel Brooks
Slim Pickens
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