Time Out says

Marie and Inga are, blindness aside, typical teenagers: the usual mix of diffidence, acid humour and hair dye. Still, their boarding school is a benevolent place and has a swish recording studio: lucky, that, since they’re good on guitar and sax. Lucky, that, since there’s a band talent contest on TV. Lucky, that, since runaway Kazakh boy Herbert has an accordion with him and needs money for the trip home… In fact, there’s a deal too much luck all round: the girls can go busking in town at will, easily smuggle the boy into the conveniently disused attic, and so on. The steady stream of sight gags helps keep mawkishness at bay – until the soundtrack slaps on the upper-octave solo piano pathos.

By: SCr


Release details

87 mins

Cast and crew

Bernd Sahling
Ricarda Ramünke
Maria Rother
Dominique Horwitz
Oleg Rabacuk
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