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Time Out says

Suddenly, after 20-odd years of living in darkness, Emma Brody has seen too much - or has she? Well, you can join the dots to complete Apted's thriller from the blurb, except for the question bit at the end. That's the hook. Retroactive vision is a rare phenomenon which accompanies the early stages of restored sight, involving flashbacks and, for the purposes of movies, lots and lots of computer-generated effects. Emma (Stowe), a folk fiddle player, suffers from the above, which makes her an unreliable murder witness. Who believes her? The murderer for one, and the coarse cop Hallstrom (Quinn) for another, and it isn't long before he becomes someone to watch over her. The handling of both plot and romance is muddled, and the film is largely fuelled by Stowe's tough, independent characterisation. She plays against the sentimentality inherent in her predicament, but isn't consistently helped by either script or sugary compositions. Fairly functional time-passer, but it would've passed anyway.

By: BC


Release details

106 mins

Cast and crew

Michael Apted
Dana Stevens
Madeleine Stowe
Aidan Quinn
James Remar
Peter Friedman
Bruce A Young
Laurie Metcalf
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