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Time Out says

Planned as the last Laurel & Hardy film (which fortunately turned out not to be the case), this remains one of their best features. From its opening sequence- Stan guarding the front, twenty years after the end of World War I hostilities -- through the chance re-meeting of Stan and a horribly domesticated Ollie, to the climax of disaster caused by Stan's good intentions, Blockheads (co- scripted by Harry Langdon) is a triumphant exploration of the quality and kind of relationship between Stan and Ollie that underlies their best comedy.

By: PH


Release details

57 mins

Cast and crew

John G Blystone
James Parrott, Harry Langdon, Felix Adler, Charles Rogers, Arnold Belgard
Stan Laurel
Oliver Hardy
Billy Gilbert
Patricia Ellis
James Finlayson
Minna Gombell
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