Blonde Ambition


Time Out says

A bawdy rip-off of Gentlemen Prefer Blondes from the porn circuit. The storytelling is paltry, most of the acting aboriginal, but there is a pyrogenic half-pint in the shape of Mandel, who has all the dumb-puckering ingenuousness of the early Monroe. At the drop of a champagne glass, she is rending her garments and preparing to break the seventh commandment with some humdinger in a stetson, only the infuriating cuts for the British market (six minutes gone) coming between her and you and the fun. There is also evidence of a certain crude humour at work: an amorous version of Gone With the Wind ('The Yankees are coming!') being directed by Jamie Gillis, NY porn star. And the bizarre spectacle of someone's front room transformed into a skating rink for a set piece of troilism on ice, yet. CPea.


Release details

81 mins

Cast and crew

John Amero, Lem Amero
LeRue Watts
Suzy Mandel
Dory Devon
Eric Edwards
George Payne
Kurt Mann
Jamie Gillis
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